I absolutely love this time of year. Keep in mind that I love the fun, playful side of Halloween, not the “Freddy Kruger” side of Halloween. I’m kind of a big wimp. Case in point: When I was in the 7th grade, I spent Halloween night at a friend’s house. We stayed up and watched several classic Halloween movies (Friday the 13th, Child’s Play, etc.). I had nightmares for days. Even movies like Scream left me very freaked out.

Therefore, I don’t go to Haunted Houses or watch the latest horror movie at the theaters. Instead, I enjoy Halloween by watching a few of my favorite family-friendly movies, visiting a nearby pumpkin patch, and carving pumpkins.

A Few of My Favorite Halloween Movies

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween-inspired movies that I enjoy this time every year, in no particular order. (more…)